Linnex Muscle Rub
Linnex Muscle Rub

How does it work

Linnex Muscle Rub gives a pleasant warmth feeling which helps to sooth and relax sore muscles.

Gently warms and stimulates circulation, which helps keep muscles and joints loose before and after exercise.

Linnex muscle rub lubricates the skin and promotes a sense of well-being

Linnex muscle rub contains Lemon Oil and Lavender for a nice scent. Most Creams and Rubs have a Strong Smell, Linnex is Unique and can be applied during the day without any strong scent.

So whether you require a Football muscle rub, Rugby muscle rub or any Sports Muscle Rub, Linnex Muscle Rub should be your #1 choice.

Why use Linnex Muscle Rub?

Warming up prior any type of physical activity is thought to decrease muscle stretch injuries because the muscle is more extensible when the tissue temperature has been increased by heat. Linnex Muscle rub, contains active ingredients which provide fast and effective heat to the desired muscle area.

Linnex Muscle rub is not an alternative to stretching, but it certainly is excellent in providing a warming feeling to your muscles.


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